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If you’re good with people, passionate about motivating your peers and excel at recruiting others to a bigger vision then being a campus ambassador could be an option for you.

In 2017, we launched our new Olami Campus Ambassador program. We have positions available on a number of campuses across the USA at any given time. If you are passionate about being Jewish and are great with people then this is for you.

With top leadership training, meeting VIP leaders and the potential to make a good salary this highly selective position is a great opportunity.

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Meet the awesome Olami family. They work day in an day out to make Olami the most inspiring young Jewish community.

Anna Usvitsky


Anna Usvitsky was raised in Brooklyn, NY and is now living in Greenwich Village while studying Finance and Statistics at NYU Stern School of Business. She was the President of the Stuyvesant High School Jewish Student Union where she built the Jewish club from 8 members to 45 members during her presidency. She built strong relationships with NCSY and Stand with Us as well as becoming Captain of Stuyvesant HS’s Girl’s Table Tennis Team! Anna expressed her creativity also through the arts becoming the Art Director for Theatrical Production. She was also on the Gilder Lehrman Institute Student Advisory Council. Anna founded the Jewish Student Union at Stuyvesant High School and can’t wait to make an impact on NYU’s campus with Olami.

Marlene Artov


Marlene Annabel Artov is 21 years old, born and raised in Brooklyn NY although her family is from the former Soviet Union. She grew up totally disconnected from her Jewish identity with practically no Jewish tradition. Marlene is a junior at NYU majoring in Politics with a minor in Urban Education and is very interested in the history of American education as well as different politics and policy surrounding it. Marlene is a natural leader taking on various leadership roles as mentor, tutor and volunteer coordinator at different times. She hopes to pursue a career in politics and advocacy.

David Abayev

Rutgers University

David Abayev is a Junior at Rutgers University, majoring in biology on a pre-dental track. He is involved with multiple Jewish organizations on campus including Meor, Rutgers Jewish Xperience, JMed, Chabad, and Hillel. As a leader, David is recruitment chair for Chavaya/RJX, public relations chair for JMed, standards chair for Alpha Epsilon Pi, and this upcoming semester, will be teaching 25 incoming freshmen who are interested in the field of dentistry.He is very excited to start this new chapter of his life with Olami and very grateful for the opportunity to inspire

Michelle Grinberg

Rutgers University

Michelle Grinberg is a Junior at Rutgers University, she majors in Public Health on the Pre-Dental track. As a leader, Michelle has been actively involved in the Peer Mentor program working with Autistic students at Rutgers, was a teacher’s assistant and camp counsellor. Michelle went on Meor Israel and Meor Jinternship this summer and is excited to get involved with Olami and be able to share her experiences with others.

Kendall Goldstein

University of Maryland

Kendall is a senior criminology and criminal justice major at the University of Maryland. Kendall is a natural leader and has channelled her care for others into helping those in crisis. She is a Hotline specialist at Community Crisis Services and answers phones for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, the Trevor Lifeline, Maryland 211, several hotlines that place homeless people in local shelters and more. She was Vice President of the Student Government Executive Board. During her term, she gave a presentation in front of the Board of Education, planned several programs including Homecoming and the related festivities, and organized an anti-bullying campaign.

Seth Eisenberg

University of Maryland

Born and raised in Maryland, Seth is one of two kids and is currently a sophomore chemistry major and public leadership minor at the University of Maryland. Seth graduated from the International Baccalaureate program at Richard Montgomery High School and got connected to MEOR through a family member. Seth signed up for the Maimonides program, then went on birthright with MEOR and got selected as an Olami Campus Ambassador for University of Maryland. Seth will be attending MEOR Israel and Jinternship this summer, he hopes to continue his Jewish learning and further involvement in the community as well as to use his chemistry degree in order to help people. Seth loves juggling, rock climbing, and spending time with his friends.

Isabella Peresiper

George Washington University

Isabella Peresiper is currently a junior in the business school at The George Washington University and is working her way towards a BBA with a double concentration in marketing and hospitality & event management. She is the daughter of former USSR refugees. Her parents from Ukraine and Moldova, were forced to leave because of their Jewish faith. They came to America for religious freedom and a better life for their future children. Isabella’s first language is Russian, then English and she studied several years of Spanish in school. Her leadership experience includes Standards Chair for Sigma Delta Tau Sorority, Past Risk Manager for Sigma Delta Tau Sorority, Captain of Varsity Tennis, Treasurer of GW’s chapter of Student Alliance for Prison Reform and Co-President of Long Island Toy Lending Center and Students Taking Active Roles Together.

Andi Heffez

George Washington University

Andi, is a senior at The George Washington University, majoring in International Affairs and Economics. She grew up in Milwaukee and has done two semesters abroad in Madrid. On campus, she is heavily involved in Jewish life, active in MEOR, Chabad, and Hillel, as well as other related student organizations, such as TAMID and GW for Israel. Andi is Director of Programming at GW for Israel and an Executive Board Member for Chabad GW. She has been on Meor Israel and Hasbara Fellowships. In her free times, she enjoys going on runs in DC and going out with friends

Jessica Nevis

Temple University

Born in Suffern, New York, Jessica Nevis moved to California where she lived for 4 years until at age 6, she and her family moved to East Brunswick, New Jersey. Since a young age, Jessica has had a passion for health and science. She danced for 10 years at First Position Dance Studio and was involved in many extra-curricular activities during her high school years such as B’nai Brith Youth Organization, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society and Art Honor Society. She is now a sophomore at Temple University and is majoring in kinesiology and is in the accelerated physical therapy program. She is involved with Temple Pre-Physical Therapy Association, Jewish Heritage Program, Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority and is on the Hillel Social Committee at Temple University. Jessica became involved with Olami through her involvement in Meor after doing the Maimonides Leaders Fellowship in the fall 2017 semester. She plans to attend the Meor Israel Trip this summer with MEOR and is excited to continue being involved in Olami and Meor.

Marc Malling

Temple University

Marc was born in Brick, NJ. The youngest of three boys, he played baseball, basketball, and soccer throughout his childhood. After 9/11, Marc developed a strong passion for politics. In high school Marc became the Mock Trial captain and was involved with various Jewish teen organizations including; Youth Group, Urban Mitzvah Corps, and NFTY. After graduating, Marc enrolled at Temple University and is currently a sophomore student of Political Science and Global Studies: Security Track. Marc became involved with Olami through his involvement with MEOR at Temple. Having completed the Maimonides Leaders Fellowship, he then continued with one-on-one learning with Rabbi Katz, joined the MEOR Poland trip during winter break and is currently an Olami Campus Ambassador at Temple University.


Plug into Olami’s global network of 320+ organizations

Participate in regional conventions

Receive top and exclusive leadership training

Advance and navigate career options

Meet VIP business and political leaders

Potentially earn a significant salary


  • Two semesters of student engagement starting in September*
  • Attend a two-day leadership training program
  • Jewish leadership training once a week locally for 45 minutes
  • Jewish leadership training once a month online with all ambassadors for 1 hour. There will be 1 other trip and opportunity to attend the Olami Summit
  • Being part of a national team of ambassadors

* There is flexibility in how the hours/goals are achieved so it can work around class/study schedules